Dreaming with Jeff

For Squarespace's Superbowl XLIX campaign, based on the premise that even the craziest of ideas can be made beautiful with Squarespace - we worked with Jeff Bridges to produce an album of Sleeping Tapes.

Sold exclusively through a custom Squarespace website and with all money going to NoKidHungry. We demonstrated every piece of functionality available within the platform - from donations and ecommerce, to audio, forms, video and custom development in a tasteful manner.

While showcasing how a musician can launch an album and reach the Billboard Charts (number 2 in New Age) - solely through Squarespace.

Understanding that media may simply report on Jeff Bridges and his album, with no recognition for Squarespace, we extended the Squarespace platform beyond it's own confines.

Creating a custom embeddable media module, allowing for blogs to embed the tracks on their sites and customize it. While containing Squarespace branding and campaign messaging.

As with media outlets, on Twitter it could be very common for conversation to circulate on those 2 items - and Squarespace get no brand recognition.

As a crucial network during the Superbowl, we created a method for Squarespace to deliver media based player cards. Allowing for our embed module to show and play inline with every mention of the website.

While enabling people to experience the Squarespace platform, from directly in their social feeds.

Each custom component, from the embeddable media, social cards, custom audio player - were built as reusable functionality. So any Squarespace customer - could leverage each of the extensions created for the campaign.

The website was driven to by the Superbowl TV commercial itself.

Written by Erwin Federizo and Andrew Jasperson. It's unusual approach in comparison to commercials around it.

The campaign was highly successful on all fronts. For Jeff, Squarespace and NoKidHungry.

The campaign drove, and handled an extremely high volume of traffic directly after airing, and becoming a talking point on TV shows such as Conan.

The tracks went onwards to be streamed over 14 million times. While selling enough phhysical albums to feed over 2 million children.

For business, public figures recorded by BuiltWith demonstrated Squarespace having by far the greatest increase in users out of major CMS providers and their competitors, during the campaign period.

Beyond the campaign period, the approach has stood the test of time.

The website is still well trafficked and reviewed. Plenty of streaming, and social activity happens on a daily basis, as people continue to experience the album.

While even nearly a year later, as Christmas is arriving, being showcased in New York magazines must-have Christmas gifts. Making it somewhat of a campaign that keeps on giving.

My role

Covered all aspects of the website and it's extensions.

Following defining the full UX and customer journey, and identifying the potential pitfalls in user journey and brand recognition. Concepting and prototyping the approaches to mitigate these.

Then overseeing design of the website - while building out it's functionality inline with the Squarespace platform.

I then worked with the highly talented engineering team at Squarespace - to integrate with custom checkout pages they had setup to handle the volume of traffic for the campaign. And to work with them to cover any requirements needed, based upon their operations for launch at the scale required.


A non-exhaustive list of recent awards:

2 x OneShow Interactive
1 x D&AD Pencil
1 x Cannes Lions